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Month 3

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Month 3 467


  • Decide who you are planning for. Remember, that may include people who do not live with you (an elderly neighbor or child who is left home alone) and animals.
  • Will you need to purify water if your purchased water expires or runs out? You can find a water-to-bleach ratio sheet and a boiling time sheet for sterilizing water online. Print it out and keep a copy in your kit(s).

Training - Train or Be Trained

  • Focus on learning (or teaching) some of the skills your grandparents had.
  • Learn to preserve food and gather, filter and purify water.
  • Learn to sew, darn a sock or replace a button.
  • Learn to make candles and soap.
  • Learn to hunt and fish (when seasonally appropriate).

Supplies - Gather or Purchase

  • Get large capacity coffee filters to filter water if you run out of stored + water. Get one purification method (dye-free bleach, chlorine tabs, etc.).
  • Add another three days worth of water.
  • Add three days worth of canned food (preferably in water) and a can opener. Get foods you know your family will eat.
  • Add a sewing kit or simple sewing supplies (needles, needle threader, thread, thimble, scissors, etc.) to your kit.