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Month 4

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Month 4 564


  • Develop your communications plan.
  • Choose your out-of-state contact. Let them know your plan.
  • Practice your communications plan with everyone involved by creating a mock event on a specific day and time. Everyone should text their information and have it relayed back to your group by your emergency contact.
  • Evaluate what is missing and update your plan.

Training - Train or Be Trained

  • Learn to use a fire extinguisher. Contact your local fire department for more information.
  • Learn to tie two types of knots and how to build a shelter. Would it keep you dry during rain? Use your hose to test it out. Does the ground underneath stay dry? Will it keep wind out? If you plan to use a tent instead, practice setting it up in the dark or the wind, or maybe even with one arm in case you're injured.

Supplies - Gather or Purchase

  • Purchase an ABC fire extinguisher for your kitchen. If possible, purchase extinguishers for each vehicle.
  • Add three days worth of water and freeze dried foods to your supplies.