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Month 5

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Month 5 484


  • Decide how you will stay safe, warm and fed if you are stuck at home without any services.
  • How will you heat your home?
  • How will you cook?
  • What sorts of supplies do you need to be successful?

Training - Train or Be Trained

  • Learn to start a fire in several different ways.
  • What would you use to boil water (for food, drinking or sanitation) if you didn't have a stove?
  • What fuels (sticks, Vaseline and cotton balls, etc.) do you need on hand?
  • If you have a propane barbeque, does everyone know how to replace the empty tank?

Supplies - Gather or Purchase

  • Add three more days worth of water per person and pet to your kit and three days worth of dried foods to your food supply.
  • Don't forget the benefits of sproutable beans and seeds - they are a good source of vitamins, are shelf-stable, sprout within three days and add great variety and flavor to your meals!