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Month 8

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Month 8 464


Staying healthy and clean won't happen by accident!

  • How much additional water do you need for cleaning?
  • What other cleaning supplies need to be gathered or purchased for an emergency?
  • What types of sanitation and hygiene practices will you want during an emergency? Remember, if water is scarce, sanitizing wipes are a good option.
  • Build and use a two-bucket toilet system and make a list of items you may want to add to your supplies.

Training - Train or Be Trained

  • Practice crating your pets and loading them, their supplies, your family and supplies into your vehicle(s).
  • Does it all fit? Could you do it in under five minutes? Could you do it in the dark?
  • What needs to be tweaked in order for it to work in an actual emergency?

Supplies - Gather or Purchase

  • Focus on sanitation and hygiene supplies.
  • Decide which supplies you need.
  • Don't forget feminine hygiene and incontinence supplies.
  • Add the items for a two-bucket toilet system.
  • Add water and food for three days - consider juices or powdered electrolyte mixes.